Welcome Baby Manuel!

He's finally here!! Little stubborn Manuel decided to make his appearance on Jan. 3rd at 11:18 am. At 41 weeks & 2 days - Only 7 lbs exactly what Sammie weighed (& we were so worried he'd be huge) & only 3/4 longer than her (19 3/4) Born right in our bathtub into daddy's hands. Another incredible home birth experience.

Everyone is doing wonderfully. Samantha has been amazing (too super helpful 😜) She ripped off her clothes & jumped in the tub to hold him as soon as he came out & got to cut the cord later on. We had a great day & night of snuggling. We are grateful for the support. Our midwife Deborah Fuentes, her doula Jessica Ann (who had me doing some crazy awesome & painful stairs exercises) & our birthing team that traveled from NY to be part of the magic - my mom, Aunt Rosemarie Sandground & Jeanette Diaz. Thank you to my amazing partner & coach who took such good care of me throughout this pregnancy & continues to treat me like a queen but calling me a superwoman - thanks for loving me & I cannot believe we are parents of 2!! Manuel Molina

Last year this day was a devastating day for us - losing Bita Molina was one of the hardest experiences we've had to endure. Waking up to this beautiful little human being & knowing how ecstatic she'd be & knowing she was watching the magic helps heal the pain. Maybe that's why he waited. Celebrating life instead of death. We talk about her often & will always cherish her memory in our family.

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