Support from pre-conception to postpartum

Your Pregnancy
Know your options:


Throughout prenatal visits, the first decisions concerning the birth and medical care of your baby are discussed.  Informed decision-making and active participation in care are strongly developed throughout your prenatal experience.  Opportunities to discuss options for birth, from water birth to lotus birth, are reviewed allowing the family to express a full picture of their expectation of their midwife and birth experience.  



Birth is a family event, from support through pregnancy to support during postpartum, family structure is vitally important.  Family is welcome and encouraged to be present throughout the entire experience.  There is something special about a father's hands being the first to touch his child, a mother's opportunity to lift her child to her chest, or siblings being present at the birth of their new baby.  


Your Prenatal Appointments: 

Your prenatal appointments are a time of connection between you and your midwife.  All prenatal appointments are an hour long.  It is a time for review, questions, discussion of concerns, and a time of rejoicing in new experiences. 

Each prenatal visit consists:

  • ​A review of your medical history

  • A review of your physical health: Blood pressure, urinalysis, measurement of the growth of your baby, feeling for baby's position, and listening to your baby's heartbeat

  • A review of your nutrition

  • A review of the desires for your birth​

Your prenatal appointments will occur every month until 28wks, every two weeks until 36wks, and once a week until your baby arrives.  Labs are offered in office.  Ultrasounds are referred out to local radiology offices.