Becoming Counter Cultural

Giving birth at home is rapidly becoming a more popular birthing option for families in the United States. Women are choosing to birth at home for all kinds of reasons, including lower rates of intervention and more personalized, holistic care. Although the number of women who actually give birth at home is still very small (less than 2%), those women who are choosing to go counter culture find a restorative, enriching, and empowering expereince that forms and reinforces her beliefs about her motherhood, feminity, and self identity. 

Deborah Fuentes
Deborah Fuentes

Homebirth Midwife

Deborah Fuentes LM, CPM, CLC

Deborah graduated The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery (MEAC accredited) in January of 2016.  She has served her community as a home birth midwife in Florida for a year and then moved to Canadensis, PA to be of service to families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  She has returned to Florida and has opened a practice in North Port.  Along with her home birth practice, she is also working on opening a birth center in the Port Charlotte area that will hopefully be available to families in October of 2020.  She is a Licensed Midwife in Florida and is licensed in New Jersey.  In 2008, she graduated nursing school and worked as a nurse prior to midwifery school. She is also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and has worked with breastfeeding women in her community since 2010. Deborah has worked internationally with Mama Baby Haiti in Cap Haitien and served a family in San Pedro Pinula, Guatemala.  She has continued her education and is currently a post graduate student with a focus in International Maternal and Fetal Health. Deborah is thrilled to be of service to families in her surrounding area.