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Financial Questions

The Counter Culture Bottom Line


Your midwifery fee includes:


You will receive excellent prenatal care that involves:

o   Hour long prenatal visits 

o   Discussion involving nutritionally counseling

o   Discussion involving gestational age and development of your baby

o   Counseling regarding life situations and circumstances

o   Disclosure and information on every test and procedure to help you to make an informed decision

o   Review and explanation of lab and procedural results

o   Prenatal physical that includes:

      -Monitoring your baby's growth

      -Listening to your baby's heart beat

      -Evaluation of your physical health

o   An intimate connection that allows your midwife to evaluate the normalcy of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy without the comparative reflections to any other woman or study. 

o  Availability to your midwife by phone and on call

o  The support and care of a single provider you have made a relationship with throughout the entirety of your labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum

o  Phenomenal lactation support from birth to the conclusion of the breastfeeding relationship

o  Outstanding postpartum care with follow-up from birth to the first year of your baby's birth


What is not included in your midwifery fee:

o  Birth kit – ordered online it is $60.  These are supplies available for your birth in home 

o  Birth Tub – if you are considering a water birth and do not have a tub you can purchase one to use at home

o  Other miscellaneous supplies – you will receive a list of supplies that will be gathered from around your home or purchased

o  Labs – if you have insurance, we can bill insurance for your labs.  If you do not have insurance, all labs will be billed directly to you

o  Ultrasound – if you have insurance, we can bill insurance for your ultrasounds.  If you do not have insurance, some facilities offer a self-pay discounted price

o  Transfer- Any care involved in a transfer (EMS transport, hospital, etc.) are not included in the midwifery fee and can be covered by insurance.  If you do not have insurance, there are self-pay discounts offered by the services used.



We accept most insurance, however we are considered out of network for most insurance companies.  We can file a gap exception if the insurance company is willing, this will cover you at in-network rates.  We are not currently medicaid providers. We will bill your insurance company after your baby is born.  Your insurance company may send a reimbursement that they consider “reasonable and customary” This may be a large or small amount depending upon your insurance company. Your full midwifery fee will be due by 36 weeks of pregnancy in full.  The global billing fee will be filed with your insurance company after your baby is born, this fee will be broken into two different billing amounts.  The first will be your prenatal billing and labor/delivery billing; the second billing is for your postpartum billing.  Your insurance company will reimburse you the amount they will cover, again, this is what they find "reasonable and customary".  You will receive the reimbursement that your insurance will cover in two reimbursements after each billing.


The Midwifery Fee:

The midwifery fee is $6,500 which is due by 36 weeks of pregnancy.  You may qualify for a $200 discount if your fee is paid by 32 weeks of pregnancy. A discount of $500 is available if your full fee within the first two appointments.

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