Breastfeeding is the normal and natural way of feeding infants and young children. Breast milk is made specifically for human infants and children. Beginning your breastfeeding relationship in a positive way helps to ensure breastfeeding is a pleasant experience for both you and your baby. Breastfeeding should be easy and trouble free for most mothers.

The large majority of mothers are perfectly capable of breastfeeding their babies exclusively for up to at least a year. Learning about breastfeeding during pregnancy and having a supportive birth team can make a major impact on you and your baby.  

Using a Certified Lactation Counselor as part of your birth team will help you to establish breastfeeding, build a bonding relationship with your baby, and help you to feel secure in the beginning stages and throughout your breastfeeding relationship.

Certified Lactation Counseling Services

Prenatal Services Include:

  • Support Directly after birth​​

  • Evaluation and follow-up 24 hrs after birth

  • Recognition and evaluation of tongue and lip ties

  • Evaluation and follow-up in home at 2 weeks postpartum

  • Continued phone support 24hrs a day 7 days a week for up to six weeks postpartum

  • Support for mothers returning to work

  • Support with expression of milk and pumping 

  • Continued follow up support by phone for the entirety of the breastfeeding relationship

  • Breastfeeding classes and Education

  • Support Throughout Pregnancy - Regular follow-up support by phone throughout pregnancy

  • Preparation for breastfeeding, postpartum, and returning to work

  • Education about breast pumps and how to choose one

Postpartum Services Include:

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